• SubNet Construct-Tips: First Time Home Buyer Tips and Guides

    As your partner in designing and building your dream home, SubNet Construction understands your needs and desires when it comes to your real estate investment. We know that buying your dream home is not an easy decision because there are a lot of things you have to take into consideration other than the financial aspect (which is probably the most important factor). Thus, we have decided to share with you some first time home buyer tips and guides before you make your dream home purchase.

  • SubNet Construc-Tips: Rainy Season Home Maintenance Guide

    It’s raining, men! However, it’s not “hallelujah” if your house is not well-prepared for the monsoon season. To help you ensure that you and your family have a home sweet home, rain or shine, SubNet Construction will provide you some rainy season home maintenance tips. Check it out from our latest set of SubNet Construc-Tips.

  • SubNet Construc-Tips: Summer Home Maintenance Guide

    Summer’s already here! As much as you are prepared to go to the beach, you have to make sure that your own house is well-prepared before you leave it for your summer getaway. Like in any other season, there are specific parts of your house that need special care and attention this summertime. Read further to know more about these SubNet Summer Construc-Tips.

  • SubNet Construc-Tips: Holiday Home Safety and Security

    Now that the Holy Week is fast approaching, most Filipino families have already planned their out-of-town vacation to make the most of the four-day weekend or long weekend (which starts at Maundy Thursday and ends on Easter Sunday). And since an out-of-town vacation will necessitate you to leave your respective houses, SubNet Construction has prepared simple tips for you. We have decided to call this “The Seven SubNet Words” on home safety and security.

  • SubNet Construct-Tips: General Home Cleaning, Upkeep, and Maintenance

    SubNet Construction values your home as if it was our own hence, we would like to give you some tips in general home cleaning, upkeep, and maintenance. From exterior and interior paint to interior walls to ceilings to roofing and gutters to windows and doors to cabinets and shelving to flooring, tiles, and carpets to plumbing system and fixtures to pest control to waste management to utilities and other facilities, we have some tips to help you.

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