SubNet Construc-Tips: Rainy Season Home Maintenance Guide

May 25, 2018

home maintenance

It’s raining, men! However, it’s not “hallelujah” if your house is not well-prepared for the monsoon season.

To help you ensure that you and your family have a home sweet home, rain or shine, SubNet Construction will provide you some rainy season home maintenance tips. Check it out from our latest set of SubNet Construc-Tips.

  1. Inspect your roofs. Look for cracks. Make sure it can stand the upcoming rainy days.
  2. Check your gutters. Remove debris such as leaves, sticks, and dirt. Test it for leaks.
  3. Clean your walkways. Make sure it will be safe to walk on even when it rains. Remove dead branches.
  4. Seal all possible leaks in your house – from ceilings to siding to doors and windows.
  5. Monitor and fix leaky faucets and pipes. Call for a professional plumber, if needed.
  6. Have your electric system checked by a trained electrician. Ensure the safety of your household electrical items.
  7. Have your AC system professionally serviced especially before the rainy reason. Clean and replace your air conditioner filters.
  8. Terminate the termites. Have a termite inspection done in your house before the rainy days.
  9. Prepare for possible flooding. Move your wooden furniture to the safest place in your house. Secure important documents.
  10. Use waterproof paints, in case you want to maintain the look of your house even after the rainy season.

Do not take a rain check when it comes to home maintenance. Cliche as it may sound, but it’s better to be safe than sorry especially now that the rainy days are fast approaching.

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Together, let us design dreams and build realities…rain or shine!


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