• Subnet Construc-Tips: How to confirm if a punch list has been completed?

    For this week’s blog post, Subnet Construction will share with you all the necessary details you have to know about a punch list, as well as tips on what must be done during the so-called punch listing or final inspection. We will be tackling the roles and obligations of the contractor as well as your responsibilities as a client, among other key players in your construction project.

  • Subnet Construc-Tips: Home Maintenance Guide

    As your partner in designing dreams and building realities, Subnet Construction values your home as if it is our own. In fact, we have several tips on how to take care of your house in every occasion. Now for this week’s article, we will be sharing with you some home maintenance tips you have to do and recommendation on how often it should be done.

  • Subnet Construc-Tips: How to Monitor House Construction Progress While Overseas?

    If your dream house is being built, you definitely want to monitor its progress on a regular basis. But how can you do it if you are an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)? Surely you can have a relative look after your project, but will it be enough? Wouldn’t you rather see the house construction progress yourself even if you work overseas at the same time?

  • 10 Tips on Finding a Contractor You Can Trust

    If only you could, you would start building your dream home now. However, the question of how and who will build it seems unanswerable specifically if you can’t find a trusted contractor. To help you with that dilemma, Subnet Construction will give you some tips on how to start building your dream home with a trusted contractor in this week’s blog entry.

  • Subnet Construc-Tips: How to Design Small Spaces Like Condominiums?

    Designing condominiums can be very tricky due to space limitation. To help you, we will be giving some Subnet Construc-tips that can definitely do wonders on small spaces.

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