SubNet Construc-Tips: Summer Home Maintenance Guide

April 27, 2018

home maintenance

Summer’s already here! As much as you are prepared to go to the beach, you have to make sure that your own house is well-prepared before you leave it for your summer getaway. Here are some basic holiday home safety and security tips in case you decide to go on a vacation. And of course, deep home cleaning is more necessary at this time of the year. Check out our general home cleaning, upkeep, and maintenance tips for your all-time reference.

Nevertheless, like in any other season, there are specific parts of your house that need special care and attention this summertime. Read further to know more about these SubNet Summer Construc-Tips.

  1. The proof is in the roof. Inspect your roofs and siding. There couldn’t be a better time to do roof cleaning than summer. Make use of this season to care more for your roof, so to speak.
  2. Look after your gutters. Clean and inspect your gutters. You want to prevent clogging and unnecessary leaks, don’t you? Use the summer season to prep your gutters for the rainy days.
  3. Don’t let your windows wallow in its sorrows. Wash them. Routinely check and maintain your windows especially during this season. Make sure they have that summer glow, too.
  4. Give your house a summer makeover. If you are thinking of repainting the exterior of your house, summer might be a good time to start that painting project. After all, how could you paint when it rains?
  5. Don’t let that leak sink the ship. Test all faucets and hoses for leaks. If you can’t do it on your own and if you want to be sure, you can always ask for a professional help.
  6. Pool is cool. Who says you can’t enjoy summer while staying at home? For those with it, clean up your pool. Have a beach-like experience at home. Aside from the assurance that your house is safe, you can lessen your travel expenses while still having the summertime of your lives in your own pool.
  7. Outdoor: Outside the door. Get your outdoor haven summer-ready. Whether you have porches, decks, balconies, patios, verandas or any outdoor open space, make sure you maintain cleanliness for an alfresco get-together with family and friends. Get your outdoor furniture out of storage, and give your grill a deep cleaning for barbecue parties. As mentioned earlier, summer can still be a fun time while you’re at home.

There you go. Just some basic tips to help you maintain your home during the summer season. Do you think you could add more to these tips?

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