SubNet Construct-Tips: First Time Home Buyer Tips and Guides

June 29, 2018

first time home buyer tips and guides

As your partner in designing and building your dream home, SubNet Construction understands your needs and desires when it comes to your real estate investment. We know that buying your dream home is not an easy decision because there are a lot of things you have to take into consideration other than the financial aspect (which is probably the most important factor). Thus, we have decided to share with you some first time home buyer tips and guides before you make your dream home purchase.

Size of the Home

  1. How many individuals are likely to reside in your home?
  2. How many rooms do you actually need?
  3. Do you require separate bathrooms or joint ones?
  4. Do you need a separate space for your personal “home office”?
  5. How much parking space do you need for your cars?

Amenities in Your Home

  1. Do you need air conditioning facilities? If so, in which rooms?
  2. Do you require a special space for storage purposes?
  3. Does a fireplace feature in your requirement list?
  4. Do you prefer having a direct access to a swimming pool?
  5. Do aged family members or children in the family have special housing needs?
  6. Do you plan to go in for energy saving features and facilities, improve the indoor air circulation and quality, or reduce the environmental effects?

Location of Your Home

  1. Do you prefer living in a town, city, or the countryside?
  2. How important is the accessibility aspects of your home?
  3. In case you have kids staying with you, how difficult is it going to be for them to reach schools?
  4. Do you need recreation facilities within walking distances?
  5. How close do you plan to be with your family?

Neighborhood of the Home

  1. What kind of neighborhood do you prefer to have?
  2. Is your neighborhood safe?
  3. Does your neighborhood have adequate street lighting, proper sidewalks, and other public safety features and facilities?
  4. What kind of traffic is your neighborhood subjected to?
  5. Is the neighborhood safe for children and the elderly to walk or move around in?
  6. What kind of local municipal rules and regulations does your neighborhood need to follow or uphold?

Maintenance of Your Home

  1. How expensive is it going to be to maintain your home?
  2. Do you need to carry out any immediate repairs? If so, what are they likely to cost you?
  3. What is the condition of plumbing and electrical systems in the house? Are they safe?
  4. Do you need to maintain a garden or a backyard? If so, will you need a special gardener to carry out the maintenance work?

As a first time home buyer, it is important that these questions must first be discussed and settled within your family before you contact a house contractor. In that way, you can freely lay down all your house requirements once you have chosen the builder and designer of your dream home.

Nevertheless, if you haven’t fully decided yet on every detail of your dream house, SubNet Construction is here to help you out. Our professional team will be more than willing to schedule a FREE consultation with you to further discuss your house requirements.

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