• Bedroom Design Trends for 2019

    If there is one place in the house that you can call your best friend, it is undoubtedly the bedroom. It is the only room where you can spend eight straight hours (or even more) and still you won’t get tired staying there. It is the same room that knows and shares and keeps all your secrets. It is then safe to say that the bedroom is the most intimate room in the house. To keep that intimacy alive, Subnet Construction compiled the latest bedroom trends and recommends to redesign your most personal space this 2019.

  • Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

    2019 is already here! In continuation of the tradition that we started a few months back, Subnet Construction will still be exploring other important rooms in the house and share with you the predicted 2019 design trends for that specific space. Since everyone had just finished celebrating the New Year, we decided to pay tribute to the room where we owe all our family celebrations to – the kitchen.

  • Design Trends to Follow in 2019 (A Year-Ender Special)

    Are you thinking of having a new house constructed? Or do you plan to remodel your house? Perhaps, you are interested in having a house extension or venturing into a business like an apartment rental, then you might probably be in need of commercial construction services. In case you need an office renovation or some personal condominium works, who do you call to? Whatever your construction and design needs are, Subnet Construction is here for you.

  • Living Room Trends for 2019

    If the dining room is considered the favorite place in the house and the bathroom is the most important room, Subnet Construction defines the living room as the heart of the home.

  • Bathroom Trends for 2019

    If you think that a bathroom is just a room, think again. Underrated as it may seem, a bathroom is actually the most important room in the house. So for this week’s blog entry, Subnet Construction will share with you the bathroom trends that are predicted to be popular in 2019.

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