• The Three Phases of Designing and Building Your Dream Home

    Designing and building your dream home takes time, because it follows a very tedious process. As the owner, it is important that you know this process to prepare you enough before you even start finding a contractor you can trust with your property. To help you with that, Subnet Construction will introduce you to the three phases of designing and building your dream home, including the detailed works under each category, in this article.

  • 7 Benefits of Getting a Design Build Firm for Your Dream Home

    Trusting a contractor with your dream home is not that easy especially if you are an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). Which is less expensive but more worth it, getting a design build firm or a general contractor? In this week’s blog entry, Subnet Construction will talk about the benefits of getting a design build firm for your dream home and see how it fares compared to a general contractor.

  • 10 Tips on Finding a Contractor You Can Trust

    If only you could, you would start building your dream home now. However, the question of how and who will build it seems unanswerable specifically if you can’t find a trusted contractor. To help you with that dilemma, Subnet Construction will give you some tips on how to start building your dream home with a trusted contractor in this week’s blog entry.

  • Subnet Construc-Tips: How to Design Small Spaces Like Condominiums?

    Designing condominiums can be very tricky due to space limitation. To help you, we will be giving some Subnet Construc-tips that can definitely do wonders on small spaces.

  • Office Design Trends for 2019

    Working in a place that sparks creativity and productivity is a dream of any employee. Certainly, everybody wants an office that doesn’t stress nor bore, but inspires and motivates you all the more. To help you achieve that, Subnet Construction will be sharing with you the latest trends you have to follow in designing or redesigning your workplace.

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