Bathroom Trends for 2019

December 14, 2018

Singapore bathroom trends

If you think that a bathroom is just a room, think again. Underrated as it may seem, a bathroom is actually the most important room in the house.

It is the room you go into when you wake up in the morning and before hitting the sheets at night. It is also the room where you always fix yourself before starting your day, the one you run to when emotions arise, and the same room you lock yourself in to simply have an undisturbed personal time. On a lighter note, the bathroom is sometimes the room where your most creative, crazy ideas pop into mind. It is that same room where you would rehearse a speech or a presentation. Most famous of all, it is where you sing your heart out, staging a no-audience show.

All these things, whether you admit it or not, most of the time happen in the bathroom. Ideally, bathrooms should be functional and well-designed because there’s no other place where you would prefer to do these important activities.

So for this week’s blog entry, Subnet Construction will share with you the bathroom trends that are predicted to be popular in 2019.

Large and Practical Storage

Cleveland bathroom trendsCeramic and Marble

Bahrain bathroom trends

Relaxation Baths

Milan bathroom trends


Bahrain bathroom trends

Glass Partition

Jeddah bathroom trends

Black and White

Cleveland bathroom trends

Neutral Colors

Bahrain bathroom trends

Touches of Striking Color

Jeddah bathroom trends

Other Predicted Bathroom Trends 

  • Large Bathrooms
  • Elegant style with a touch of originality
  • Practical showers
  • Industrial bathroom appearance
  • Technology in the bathroom
  • Rustic modern bathrooms
  • Shower separated by wall
  • Bathrooms en suite

Color Trends for Modern Bathrooms

  • Black or dark gray
  • Gold or silver
  • Natural stone
  • Materials in modern bathrooms
  • Modern oriental bathrooms
  • Modern bathroom furniture
  • Sanitary ware and modern taps
  • Ceramic tiles for modern bathroom walls
  • Bath and shower together
  • Small modern bathrooms

Are you inspired by these bathroom trends? You may contact Subnet Construction for FREE consultation.

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