2019 Design Trends in Home Exteriors

November 16, 2018

Thinking of remodelling your home exteriors in the upcoming New Year? Or are you planning to start building your dream house in 2019? Subnet Construction will share with you the design trends that are predicted to be popular next year based on the Royal Building Products report.

Dark bold will never grow old. Dark bold colors such as charcoal, black, dark blue, dark green, and dark red will become more popular next year and will be used in various combinations. Check out some of these variations from our very own house designs below.

Sydney_Design Trends for Home Exteriors
Sydney Model House
Denver_Design Trends for Home Exteriors
Denver Model House

Classic white stays, but with a twist. There will be a variation on classic color palettes. The classic white with black trim will still be popular including neutral colors such as grays and blues. Some of our house designs reflect these variations.

Milan__Design Trends for Home Exteriors
Milan Model House
San Andres__Design Trends for Home Exteriors
San Andres Model House
Toronto__Design Trends for Home Exteriors
Toronto Model House

Outdoor is in. Living spaces outside the house are predicted to gain popularity. As of now, we don’t have designs that feature outdoor amenities such as kitchens, dining and meditation areas, fire pits, backyard bars, man caves, she sheds, and external work spaces. But if you want to, we can customize any room from our existing model house design or create a brand new design and place it on your outdoor spaces. Take for example the following room designs from some of our model houses.

Bahrain Media Room__Design Trends for Home Exteriors
Media Room of Our Bahrain Model House
Singapore Living Area__Design Trends for Home Exteriors
Living Area of Our Singapore Model House
Boston Kitchen and Dining__Design Trends for Home Exteriors Areas
Kitchen and Dining Area of Our Boston Model House

These latest design trends in home exteriors can be your inspiration and guide for your own homes. If you are in need of interior design tips as well, you may check out our previous blog post on 2019 interior design trends.

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