Interior Design Trends in 2019

September 7, 2018

Interior Design Trends (2)

It’s already September, and the next thing we know we are celebrating a brand new year again. Indeed, time flies so fast. And since 2019 is fast approaching, we will be sharing with you now the predicted interior design trends for next year.

General Interior Design Trends

  • Modern style of the mid-20th century
  • Retro trends, disco vibes, and nomad style
  • 70s home decor trends such as the boho chic and retro glam
  • Vintage style, Art Deco, and classic style furniture
  • Industrial-looking furniture
  • Dark wood furniture
  • Painted furniture
  • Recycled, handmade items, and handicrafts
  • 3D printing and contemporary 3D creations
  • Smaller tiles, artistic wallpapers, worn-looking pieces
  • Traditional organic materials such as wood, glass, and stone
  • Terrazzo and terracotta materials
  • The return of red, the purple popularity, and the blue-green trend
  • Burlap, natural fiber carpets, maps as murals, large watches, and rustic details

Living Room Interior Design Trends

  • Natural light and unusual decorations
  • Neutral and fresh colors
  • Mixture of two or three colors
  • Geometric and organic shapes
  • Sofas with curved shapes and very soft fillings
  • Fabric upholstery

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Kitchen Interior Design Trends

  • All black kitchen
  • Thinner marble benches
  • Cupboards with glass doors
  • Open shelves
  • Oval shapes
  • Ceramic and natural materials
  • Decorative tiles

Bathroom Interior Design Trends

  • Terracotta tiles
  • Cork materials
  • Upholstered headboards

Interior Design Trends (3)

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