Dining Room Trends for 2019

December 7, 2018

Bahrain Dining Room

Who doesn’t love a dining room? Who doesn’t love being in that favorite place in the house, eating with your family? Who doesn’t love happy conversations at the dinner table?

As Irina Shayk perfectly puts it, “Nothing is better than going home to family and eating good food and relaxing.” And what room in the house could better mirror that than the dining room where the family eats together?

So for this week, allow us to share with you the dining room trends for the upcoming year (according to Interior Decor Trends) along with our very own dining room designs.

Dark Red Wall Dining Room Trend

Boston Dining Room_Dark Red Wall Trend

This color is said to create a very cozy space if combined with clean white tones like what we did with our Boston dining room.

Dark Gray Dining Room Trend

Milan Dining Room_Drak Gray Color Trend

Gray is the perfect color to highlight furniture and accessories of striking colors. Take for example our Milan dining area.

Yellow Citrus Dining Room Trend

Cleveland Dining Room_Yellow Citrus Wall Trend

This color trend lightens up the dining room and makes it cozy because of its natural warmth. See our Cleveland model house for inspiration.

Brown Dining Room Trend

Jeddah Dining Room_Brown Color Trend

Different shades of brown are actually good on both furniture and walls. Get inspiration from the dining room of our Jeddah model house.

Other Dining Room Trends

Aside from the above-mentioned trends, there are other color trends that are predicted to be a big hit in dining rooms for 2019. These include the following:

  • Grass Green Dining Room Trend
  • Light Blue Dining Room Trend
  • Dark Purple Dining Room Trend
  • Green Apple Dining Room Trend
  • Night Sky Dining Room Trend
  • Orange Dining Room Trend

Meanwhile, Sherwin Williams already identified 36 best colors for 2019 inspired by the ways in which people connect and roam the world. Three palettes of these predictions are the following:

  • Sincerity – refers to the conscious life and the creation of an environment to disconnect and recharge. This palette include soft sandy tones and muted grays, as well as misty greens and roses.
  • Affinity – reflects the passion in travelling, experiencing new cultures, and connecting with new people. This palette is full of energizing tones of indigo, fuchsia and blues, with touches of tans and browns.
  • Connectivity – is inspired in part by the experience of virtual reality. The tones of this palette include watery blues, deep purple, and warm yellows. You can combine them with muted neutrals, such as soft gray and white.

Are you inspired by these dining room trends? You may contact Subnet Construction for FREE consultation.

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