Living Room Trends for 2019

December 20, 2018

If the dining room is considered the favorite place in the house and the bathroom is the most important room, Subnet Construction defines the living room as the heart of the home.

We all know that the heart symbolizes love. Similarly, the living room symbolizes love as well. Being the first room you see when you enter the house, it is usually decorated with the things the family loves the most – paintings, pictures, accessories, ornaments, and to most Filipinos, diplomas. As the receiving room for visitors, it basically sets the mood of the home and reflects the personality of its owners. It is also the space where family members spend time together to relax, share stories, and create memories.

Accordingly, most people invest in their living rooms, ensuring that it will be the dream come true for the whole family. So for this week’s feature, we will be sharing with you some of the predicted living room trends for the upcoming year along with our very own living room designs from our model houses.

2019 Design Trends for Small Living Rooms

Use accessories to make your small living room look bigger just like the living room from our Singapore model house.

Singapore_Living Room Trends

Enhance the decoration of small living rooms by doing it with sofas and upholstered chairs. Take a look at our Milan model house living room design.

Milan_Living Room Trends

Use open spaces. Leave your living room connected to the space set aside for the dining living room or for the kitchen like our Boston model house.

Boston_Living Room Trends

2019 Design Trends for Living Room Curtains

Beautiful shades with a shaded effect – a gradient of white, burgundy and navy, matching the sofas. This was the same inspiration for the living room of our Cleveland model house.

Cleveland_Living Room Trends

Crystal chandeliers, chocolate-colored living room curtains and white curtains for panoramic windows just like our Jeddah model house living room design.

Jeddah_Living Room Trends

Grommet living room curtains, patterned black and white carpet and eye-catching armchair in petrol green. Take for example the living room design of our Bahrain model house.

Bahrain_Living Room Trends

Other Living Room Curtain Trends

  • Trendy living room curtains to make a strong style statement
  • Patterned and colored living room curtains matching cushions, carpet and mirror
  • Black and white striped living room carpet and armchairs, refreshed by green curtains and yellow door
  • White blinds and ivory curtains with large width and length with rope and tassels embrace
  • Taupe wide-width curtains with cornice in graphite color
  • Blackout curtains in anthracite, seagrass and pearl gray sofa in the super chic living room
  • Oriental kilim and red leather design armchairs blend with orange living room curtains and white sheers
  • Central opening curtains in ivory and broad-striped duck-blue fabric

Are you inspired by these living room trends? You may contact Subnet Construction for a FREE consultation.

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