Subnet Construc-Tips: How to Choose the Right Home Furnishings?

August 31, 2018

How to Choose the Right Home Furnishings

Home furnishings play a huge part in interior design. Without these, interior designers and decorators won’t be able to do their jobs. While these people are the ones that do the magic, the home furnishings are their tools. Hence, interior design will lose its value without home furnishings.

For this week’s segment of Subnet Construc-Tips, we will be sharing with you some tips in choosing the right home furnishings.

  1. Remember the rules of interior design. These rules basically include everything you need to know in choosing the right home furnishings.
  2. Start with the paint. Follow the 50/150 rule in painting. Mix one batch of paint 50% lighter than the base and another 150% darker. This will help you achieve the perfect color family.
  3. Have a theme and a color scheme. You can also choose among the popular interior design styles that will serve as your inspiration. All these will guide you further as you choose your home furnishings. Hence, you better decide on these things right from the beginning.
  4. Show your individuality in your home furnishings. Know what you want, then incorporate it on your interiors. Even if you follow a certain design style, make sure that the design elements still reflect your personality and character.
  5. Choose both quality and comfort. Invest on quality home furnishings, but consider what provides you comfort at the same time.
  6. Balance your wants and needs. It is given that you have a theme, a color scheme, and a design style that you intend to follow. However, you have to prioritize what you need first before you splurge on what you want.
  7. When all else fails, remember the importance of interior design. First, it gives aesthetic value to your house. Second, it makes your house functional. Third, it provides a soul to your house. Home furnishings, being the tools for magic, transform your house. They make it look good, become functional, and convert it into a place you can finally call your home.

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