What’s the Difference Between Interior Design and Interior Decorating?

August 24, 2018

Interior design and interior decorating have constantly been mistaken for one another. In this short feature, let us tackle the differences between these two terms.

As a profession, interior design requires formal training and schooling; interior decorating does not. Interior design is either a two-year or a four-year course, while interior decorating doesn’t have a standardized education. Most interior decorators only undergo some short courses to be able to learn about their field. In some places, interior designers still have to pass a certain examination to become registered, licensed, or certified.

In terms of work, interior designers are focused not just on the aesthetics of your house. They know and apply the rules of interior design to achieve its primary goals, such as providing aesthetic value, functionality, and soul into your home. They do this by providing an extensive list of services including design consultations, site measurement and assessment, space planning, design concept, purchasing or procurement, and project management. Interior designers normally work with contractors and architects or the architectural team (like the one we have here at Subnet Construction) because they are part of the structural planning. Interior decorators, on the other hand, are focused on the decorative details alone. They are not part of the architectural team because the structural work is/can be done without them.

What to Hire? An Interior Designer or an Interior Decorator?

On your part as a homeowner, the key question here is when you should hire an interior designer and an interior decorator. If you are aiming to build a new house, an interior designer is a better option because he/she will be the one working with your contractor and architect to help achieve your design and style preferences and at the same time, the functionality of your space. If in case you are only remodeling your house or your room, an interior decorator can be your choice particularly if decoration is your only concern.

Nevertheless, being able to do both design and renovation is like hitting two birds with one stone. Hence, if you can find an architectural team like what we have at Subnet Construction, you will be doing yourself a favor. Not only can we design and renovate your house, we can also build it. Browse through the following list of services that we offer:

  • House Construction
  • House Renovation
  • House Design
  • Interior Design
  • House Extension
  • Commercial Construction
  • Office Renovation
  • Condominium Renovation

Together, let us design dreams and build realities!

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