Subnet Construc-Tips: Things to Consider When it Comes to the Square Footage of Your House

November 9, 2018

Things to Consider When it Comes to the Square Footage of Your House

Before building your dream house, there are many things you should take into consideration and such may include the following:

  • Location – where are you going to build it?
  • Budget – how much does it take to build it?
  • Timeline – how long will it take to build it?
  • Contractor – who will build it?

Now if you’re going to be more specific and technical as well, you might even consider the square footage of the house you’re going to build. If you do, you are on the right track though.

“Home buyers, sellers and real estate agents like to discuss most about price per square foot when comparing homes and estimating their value. It is an easy number to calculate and an easy concept to grasp.”1

By definition, square footage refers to the measurement of area. It is more than just a number or a size of the home for that matter.

“Square footage is about more than just size. It’s about the actual livability of your home. Whether you’re designing your own place or shopping for an existing home, square footage is one of the first considerations.”2

Moreover, square footage should not just be an arbitrary number that homeowners think will work. It should be more of a calculation based on the size, the culture, not to mention, the lifestyle of your family.

In this week’s version of Subnet Construc-Tips, here are some of the things you must consider when it comes to the square footage of your house.

  1. Have every bedroom in your house enough for at least two people to sit in any space. That’s the rule of thumb in calculating the space required for any room. Hence, two bedrooms in a house should mean that there’s a living room enough for a family of four.
  2. Put more space footage into kitchens and dining rooms than in bedrooms and bathrooms. These general living areas definitely demand more space thus, these rooms should be bigger than any other room.
  3. If you’re living in a multi-generational home, make sure that each generation has their own space to make the most out of every square foot. Take into account all the family members living in your house and have a space or room customized for each group.
  4. Discuss with your contractor the price per square foot to decide what size and type of home your budget can afford. In building your dream house, you have to be very realistic from the start. A thorough discussion with your contractor is a must.
  5. Not every square footage is created equally. Know at least the estimate of your monthly utility costs because each room needs to be lit, cooled, and heated. Thus, a bigger house might not mean better especially if you cannot afford the bills that it will entail.
  6. Maximize square footage by creating dual purpose rooms. This is probably the wisest thing to do to maximize the space of your house. In that way, you can also balance the beauty and the functionality of your house.

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