SubNet Construc-Tips: Four Things You Have to Think About Before Starting House Construction

July 31, 2018

4 things to think about before house construction

Two weeks ago, we shared with you some tips you have to consider before buying a residential lot. This time, Subnet Construction has listed four things you have to think about before starting your house construction. Assuming you already have a residential lot, what are the next steps you should take? Read more for our latest SubNet Construc-Tips.

  1. Think about the budget. How much money do you have for your house construction? More importantly, how much will the total house construction cost you? Do you even consider getting a house loan? Can you commit to pay for it on a regular basis? And if applying for a house loan is really part of the plan, when are you going to file for it? Are you confident that you will be qualified? Worse comes to worst, what is your Plan B in case your loan application gets rejected?
  2. Think about the builder and the designer. Unless you are an engineer or an architect yourself, you won’t need any advice on this matter. But if not, you seriously have to consider that you will get a team of trusted professionals for your house construction project. Here in the Philippines, there are many design and construction firms that you can choose from. Know their background. Research about their past projects. Above all, meet with them and ask everything you need to know. Do not rely on their online portfolio. Schedule a consultation. Talk to the team personally.
  3. Think about the architectural plan. Although it is important that you already have a specific house layout plan in mind, you have to be very flexible and open to changes. Your architect will be the one to guide you and tell you whether your plans are possible or not depending on the requirements and building rules that must be considered. Be involved not only when the house construction begins, but even with the planning itself. After all, it is your house that will be constructed, not anybody else’s. Be hands-on.
  4. Think about the contract agreement and be vigilant about it. Once the architectural plan (architectural drawings, specifications of the design, calculations, time planning of the building process, and other documentations) has been finalized, make sure there will be a written contract signed and dated both by the builder and the designer. This contract agreement will describe the house construction project in details. If there are changes that the designer or the builder will make on the project, make sure to have the contract amended. Take note also that a building permit must be issued before the house construction starts. It is your responsibility as a homeowner that your house meets all the building requirements hence, you have to make sure that the team of professionals you employ for your house construction will follow all the rules and standards.

Here at Subnet Construction, you can always count on us for professional, reliable, and quality workmanship. There is no job too big or too small for us. We commit to our clients from start to finish because more than your contractor, we are your partner in designing dreams and building realities.

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